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Home automation idea: Build your own vending machine with an Arduino Uno

Have you ever wanted to make your own home automation project, but didn't know how? Well now you can! With a vending machine, it is possible to combine different skills and build a really cool final product. This blog post will explore how you can learn the necessary skills and build something awesome!

Learn Transferable Skills

When making a home automation project with a vending machine, it is important to note that the skills learned are completely transferable to any future projects. You will gain knowledge in many areas such as building, wiring and programming that can be applied elsewhere.

Get Creative

The best part about constructing a vending machine home automation project is that you get to be creative! There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating something unique. You can choose the type of materials you want use, design the layout of the wiring and decide on different features of your project.

Have Fun!

Lastly, don't forget that building your own home automation project with a vending machine should be fun as well as educational! Put some music on while working or watch some YouTube tutorials for help if needed. This way not only will you create something amazing, but also have a great time doing so.

You can find the instructions on retrobuiltgames.com.

Things you'll need for this project

Product Quantity Where to find it
Arduino UNO 1 https://amzn.to/3Qo5BhM

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